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Bahar Caneli Tokcan

About me

I’m a senior artist about 3D modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and 2D designing. I have an experience about 10 years game designing and Apps. Also, I have working on it that photorealistic rendering with Vray.

ID CODE: TU-80-04-04-19-MX

Autodesk 3Ds Max
Product - Character - Realistic Scene - VRay Renders
Adobe Photoshop
Texturing - Post-Production - User Interface - Icon Design
Adobe Illustrator
Texturing - User Interface - Icon Design
Adobe Indesign
Magazine - Brochure - Adver...
Game Design, VR

…I prepare textures for these 3D models in accordance with the concept.

Build ...

Services & Works

1. 3D Modelling
2. Texturing
3. Rendering
4. UI Design
5. Unity
6. VR/AR
7. 2D Design

I had been worked

My Portfolio

These projects were made at different times.


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